Pike County Archery

7E Industrial Park Drive
Pittsfield, IL 62363

Phone: 217-285-1610

Store Hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

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Pike County Archery

Roll of the Dice Tournament


May 16, 2015          Registration 8-9am   

Tournament Starts at 9am    $10.00 entry fee

1st Prize: $200.00                2nd Prize: $75.00                 3rd Prize: $50.00

All prizes paid with shop credit – Guaranteed!


1st Round:                 Shoot 5 Arrows at known distance

                                                2 Steel Targets, 2 McKenzie Targets

                                                            1 Random Target Determined by a Roll of the Dice!!

                                                                        Top half in scoring advance to Second Round


2nd Round:                Same Format as First Round

                                                Top half in scoring advance to Elimination Round


Elimination Round: Shoot 2 Arrows

                                                            2 Random Targets Determined by a Roll of the Dice!!

                                                                        Continue till all but one are eliminated by score!!


Scoring:         Steel targets: 12 points for an arrow that goes thru

                                                            5 Points for an arrow that hits steel

                        Mckenzie Targets: Scored 12/10/8/5


Equipment: Bowhunting Setups – No Pros –  Amateur Only

                        Up to 12” Stabilizer

                        No Magnification in sight or peep

40 yard max distance on all targets – All targets known distance


Location: Pike County Archery

7 E Industrial Dr

Pittsfield, IL 62363


Call the Shop With Any Questions!!